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Congratulations on finishing your BTT Online Training!

Now you begin to distinguish between emotions, thoughts, resistances, and you have become sharper on what is going on in your Psycanic Universe which is the first step to control your life, well done!

Now you have the theoretical knowledge and have completed your meditations but maybe there is a little confusion on yourself wondering how to apply all this knowledge in your life.

To know something intellectually is one thing; to be able to apply it and produce the desired results is another.

Now you know “theoretically” how to transform your life; in the BTT Online Support Groups, you will be guided by professional pilots with thousands of hours of experience, able to guide you to the root of any cause of any aberration, how to eliminate them and show you how to do it by yourself.

No matter what problem or experience you present, our pilots can handle it and help you to do the same for others.

Welcome to your BTT Online Support Group.

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